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Chaos Child
Chaos Child is where that faithful, degenerate son, Buffy's Ethan Rayne, gets broken down into itty, bitty pieces so we can see what colour his insides are.
Chasing Daylight
Little Miss Muffet and the Psycho Slutbomb, who doesn't want to read about Dawn Summers and Faith LeHane getting cosy?
Squared is where we analyse the sanity of a certain Rogue Slayer because Faith is as sane as the next man, assuming the next man's psychotic.
Unprodigal Daughter
The Love Interest. The Witch. The Runaway. The Friend. Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Tara Maclay is a lot of things but one thing she isn't is dull. Unprodigal Daughter takes a look at everything there is to know about Tara because she may not have made it to the end of Buffy but that doesn't mean she's been forgotten. In fact, if you believe the stories, Tara's not dead. She's alive and you can find her right here at Unprodigal Daughter.